Week 12 Of Pregnancy: 14 Weeks Of Amenorrhea - Pregnancy Health

Week 12 Of Pregnancy: 14 Weeks Of Amenorrhea - Pregnancy Health

Week 12 Of Pregnancy: 14 Weeks Of Amenorrhea - Pregnancy Health

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Week 12 Of Pregnancy: 14 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

YouYour chest has increased and your breasts are fragile. Be sure to wear a bra adapted and avoid hot baths.You will have less nausea and will be less tired.A small dark line may appear on the belly of the navel to the pubic. It will disappear after birth.

Your babyIt measures about 10 cm and weighs about 45 g.His eyes and ears take their final position. His nails and her hair began to grow.His nervous system works and muscles respond to the brain. It may now move its members.The bone marrow and the liver begins to produce blood cells.The placenta begins to function and the umbilical cord to circulate blood.If it is a boy, his penis is formed.

Good to KnowThink also enroll in a maternity ward and a nursery.Continue to adhere to a healthy and balanced diet and eat foods rich in iron so as not to be anaemic.

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